Mary Louise Poiesz

Mary Louise Poiesz1 mary louise poiesz professional portrait

Bob’s sister, fraternal twin of Bud.

Born October 16, 1923, Died January 6, 2019, age 95

Follow this link to a tribute photo slideshow from her funeral on January 9, 2019.

My generation knows her as Aunt Mary, of course, and she was a beloved member of the extended Poiesz family for many reasons, including her consistent birthday greetings, her strength, and her obvious love for all of us.

She grew up with her brothers in the family home of Emil B. and Mary Elizabeth Poiesz at 1641 South Bailey Street in Philadelphia.  The home is adjacent to St. Aloysius Church* (now merged with St. Gabriel’s Parish nearby).  After her parents died, she lived there with her brother Vince until his death in 1999, in the late 2000’s she sold the family home and moved to St. John Neumann Place at 2600 Moore Street.

In addition to her siblings, in-laws, and many cousins, nieces and nephews, Mary’s life included a 45 year career with the Insurance Company of North America (INA), where she worked as an executive secretary, proudly supporting the senior management of the company.  When not working at INA, she was actively involved at St. Al’s  – serving in any way she was needed – some half-jokingly considered her the assistant pastor.  Her faith was a constant, as was her willingness to help others – since her death we’ve heard wonderful stories of her charity that she never shared.

Mary will also be remembered by my generation as the artist responsible for many years of Christmastime mirror murals, of which the one below is a sample.

christmas mirror 3
One of Mary’s mirror paintings – at Bailey Street, with her father, Emil B. Poiesz, seated.



*The St. Aloysius church building at 2600 Tasker Street was sold by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and is now the Miracle Temple of Christ.