Aloysius Thomas Poiesz

Aloysius (Bud) Poiesz served in the US Navy on USS Current (ARS-22) in the south Pacific during World War II.

SS Current (ARS-22) was an Diver-class rescue and salvage ship commissioned by the U.S. Navy during World War II.  Her task was to come to the aid of stricken vessels.

ARS-22, USS Current

Leaving San Francisco, California, 6 August 1944, Current sailed on towing duty to Ulithi atoll, arriving 14 October. She carried out local towing and salvage operations from this port until 19 May 1945. Among her most important repair operations were the emergency salvage work performed on Houston (CL-81) and Canberra (CA-70) from 19 October to 14 December 1944, and the valiant fire fighting on Randolph (CV-15) 11 March 1945.

Bud’s service with the Current is the best documented of the Poiesz brothers’ war experience, by virtue of the detailed history available on the Internet and included here, as well as, but particularly because of the interview with him conducted on June 15, 2002.